Hi, my name is Adam. I'm a Graphic / Editorial / Digital Designer.

I've worked in newspapers & magazines, across print and digital work for international clients, both on my own and with a roster of editors, photographers and illustrators. This varied background has led to my unique skill-set where I'm as comfortable working in pixels as I am in print, as this line is becoming ever more blurred.

I'm a serious photographer, but just for fun. I've a borderline obsession with paper and print, and own more samples than a sane person should own in a lifetime. 

I still prefer to work direct with clients, no job is too small.

Why fourcolourblack? 

When looking to register a domain name in 2004 I quickly realised my name was quite well taken in every form, so my alias fourcolourblack was born. The term is coined from when four inks are used to make a rich black in the printing process. Ask any printer, and you'll get a different formula every time.